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It’s no surprise that Jimmy Carr didn’t include the war amputee joke in his set of Rapier Wit that caused such a fuss when he told it to a 2,500 strong Manchester crowd. 

Jimmy Carr - Rapier Wit

Just in case you didn’t hear it first time round, here’s another chance, “Say what you like about those servicemen amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’re going to have a f**king good Paralympic team in 2012.”

This is Jimmy Carr we’re talking about, so what did people expect? He’s not exactly known for his family orientated content. But he’s a crowd pleaser, the only thing peple do other than laugh at a Jimmy Carr gig is ‘tut’.

Like most comedians, Jimmy Carr got a lot of heckles, but he’s just about the only comic that offers the audience a chance to heckle him. His quick wit shocks us all and hecklers  rarely go away unwounded. But you’ve got to admit, he is  fast with his comebacks.

Having met the mastermind of ‘jokes you don’t think you should find funny’, he’s surprisingly quite a nice guy. He meets his fans during the interval and after the show for autographs and pictures. He makes performing for nearly two hours look easy, and I’m sure he would make a joke about that comment.

His style is not unlike that of Frankie Boyle , after all, they’ve done enough panel shows together.

It’s hard to decide which  one of his tours is his best, but Rapier Wit is right up there!

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