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Transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard has jumped from comedy to theatre, to Hollywood and back again. And now he is back, again!

Eddie Izzard - Stripped

His religious, historical and philosophical ramblings of previous tours continue in Stripped despite any West End or Hollywood influences over the past five years. His opening line was “Let’s talk about everything that’s ever happened.” So he did: dinosaurs, Darwin, Noah’s Ark, Latin, bees, the Bible and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Although random, his tangents ironically appear to have structure. He includes a lot of old material but simultaneously brings something new. He makes you feel like he’s talking to you one-on-one, except there just so happens to be a few thousand other people listening in on your conversation. 

If he goes too far into his stroies and the crowd don’t follow Izzard whips out his trusty hand and writes a mental note that the joke isn’t working, which has the crowd in stitches.

Izzard doesn’t really tell ‘jokes’ he tells stories which just happen to be funny. Not to discredit his natural talent as a performer, he embodies the ‘joke’ rather than tells it.

Stripped, is his first stand-up show since Sexie five years ago is a refreshing reminder of Izzard’s charisma.

After starring in movies such as The Cat’s Meow, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and in TV series The Riches, Izzard hasn’t lost his touch, even if he has lost the women’s clothes and make-up.

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