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Pyretta Blaze, a gothic and fetish model from Swansea has set up her own photography business called ‘Lillith In Bloom.’

Credit: Lillith In Bloom

Pyretta Blaze

Established in early 2007, the alternative style photography business has recently blossomed and is now run by some well known people within the modeling and photography industries. Although still in its experimental stages, Lillith In Bloom also works with other businesses such as Angel Illustrations and Mirror Images.

Originally from Bridgend and named Sarah Jayne, Pyretta Blaze created her alter ego as a means of utilizing her everyday appearance. She began modeling at the age of 15 and was running a small jewellery business. Unable to pay models to wear her unique designs she started to do it herself. She said, “My first photoshoot was for a Cardiff University student and it went from there!”

“I have always been a geek. I love everything gothic, from the history to the modern music. Gothic and Fetish modeling gives you more of a freedom from the norm, you can go absolutely crazy with an outfit, be hung upside-down by your toes, and still make a beautiful piece of art.”

Blaze’s photography business specializes in alternative fashion but the services range from beauty shots to pet pictures. Blaze also includes a varied wardrobe, make-up and editing in the price of her shoots and is willing to travel. What more could we ask for?

Pyretta taking the role of make-up artist

The final result of Pyretta's work

Having recently won Alt Fashion Magazine’s UK Model of the Year 2009 Award things are continuing to get better for Pyretta Blaze. She was up against two other well known models, Madame Blink and Amaranth, and received a large amount of online support via Facebook. Both her new business venture and her own modeling career benefit from the social networking site with fan pages, groups and publishing portfolios as well as booking photoshoots for Lillith In Bloom.

Blaze says she has maintained her success by being herself. She said, “I’m not perfect, I’m not a size 8 and I get spots!” Her positive attitude about her work, art and life, not to mention her talent, have all contributed to Blaze being able to establish herself in the alternative modeling and photography world.

Blaze’s advice to any aspiring gothic or fetish models is, “Don’t do it unless you know it’s the right path for you. You have to have a hide as thick as an elephant to be a model, as you will get so many people that hate you, discriminate against you and critique your photos that it can drive you clinically insane. On the positive note, if you have no inhibitions, it can really turn your life into something magical.”

All images credited to Lillith In Bloom. More amazing photos are viewable on the Lillith In Bloom facebook page.


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  1. Dear MissDrazen,
    Wow, I am sbsoloutly floored by your article, thank you so much for writing about me, that is incredibly sweet and you have all my history spot on.
    I would like to thank you for the publicity and such a flattering article.

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