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Who will be the Richard Branson’s and Alan Sugar’s of the journalistic future? Entrepreneurial journalism is all the rage right now with ex-newspaper journalists setting up their own websites and even making it look easy – take a look at Chris Brown’s website Bristol 24/7.

This entrepreneurial trend all started with the rise (and continuation) of a little known revolution called Citizen Journalism. Jeff Jarvis is always going on about it, but he does pose an interesting question: “How do we train journalists when everyone can do journalism? How do we train everyone?

The answer is quite simple, we can’t train everyone. However, journalism schools are beginning to teach entrepreneurial-ism. Jarvis argues that a journalist’s role now is to teach as well as report in the crucial stages of entrepreneurial journalisms’ evolution.

It’s easy enough to say you’re going to start your own journalism outlet, be it online, broadcast or print, but the real challenge of actually making a business out of it (and making some cash) is much trickier says

Students are probably the best bet to make a go of it. They’ve got professional journalists teaching them and a fresh foundation to build on. Check out the likes of Amped Wales, its run by just one student and was heavily involved in Rage Against the X Factor and the TAILZ4KISS campaigns.

But is this the way forward for journalism? Re-vamping a long-standing profession will be no easy task, the Online Journalism Review says ‘passion fuels entrepreneurial journalism’ but it’s the ever-growing competition that the Internet has made possible that’s the problem.

Here’s Chris Brown’s full interview with James Stewart, with audience questions.


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