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Singing from behind a black veil Jared Leto belted out ‘Escape’ and as the curtain fell there he was sporting a brand new mohawk.

30 Seconds to Mars lead singer

His new style fitted in perfectly with the band’s new rebellious themed album ‘This Is War’ and the recent lawsuit with their label Virgin Records.

The band then launched straight into one of their new songs ‘Night Of The Hunter’ followed by two classics ‘Attack’ and ‘From Yesterday’ from the iconic ‘A Beautiful Lie’ album.

Next, Jared Leto decided it would be a good idea to play a few acoustic songs from the balcony! And he was right; the crowd loved it and were screaming song names when Jared asked for requests.

As if this wasn’t enough the band continued the set on a second stage at the back of the arena where they performed one of their best-loved singles ‘The Kill’ as the mosh-pits emerged.

For their first encore, yes first, on the original stage the haunting melody of ‘Stranger In A Strange Land’ poured from the speakers. The band’s second and final encore saw their new single ‘Kings&Queens’ being blasted with Jared bearing a motorcycle helmet decorated in gold and jewels as the crowd were invited up on stage.


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